At CandorSoft, we help you find a suitable career among the latest technologies. Our huge marketing team can help you find jobs in most IT technologies with numerous options to choose from;

software skills

BO, UNIX, SQL Server, SQL, VB, PB, .NET, VC++, J2EE, Oracle, Java, JavaScript, VB Script, Solaris, Cognos, INFORMIX, GUI, DB2, CICS, COBOL, SAP(All Modules), WebLogic, JSP, ASP, WebSphere, TCP/IP, HTML, AWT, Sybase &/or Access, Data warehousing-ETL Tools.


Bachelor's or Master's (or foreign education equivalent of same) in related field and/or relevant experience required depending on position.

For certain positions, we accept degree equivalent in education & experience or any equally suitable combination of education training and/or experience which would qualify applicant to perform duties of job offered.

Relocation to various client sites in U.S. as needed.

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